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An Overflow Of New Clients

In 2014, Jonathan introduced us to Google Marketing and tripled our sales that year. We ranked for so many different search terms on Google and our phone blew up. We began charging higher prices for our service and other cleaning companies asked to buy us out. Everyday we get phone calls and emails from people searching cleaning services on google. They created a new problem for us… hiring more staff! We are very grateful to have found Jonathan and his team and highly recommend Market Your World to anyone looking to take advantage of the thousands of potential clients searching the internet for local businesses.

Sara C

Buffalo, NY, Sara's Cleaning Service

Your Website Must Be Easy To See & Use While Using A Mobile Smart Phone

When people visit your website on their phone, we make sure they do not hit the back button and visit your competitors. Your website is designed to make it easy for visitors to call or email your business. With a pleasant visual and user-friendly experience, you’ll have the best chance of turning a visitor into a phone call. ┬áRest assured you’ll receive full leverage from your lead generating machine.

  • Mobile Searches in North America 82%
  • Computer & Tablet Searches in North America 18%


Searching The Web For Local Businesses




84% of People in North America will search your business on Google, Yahoo, or Bing before making a decision. Pretend you owned a roofing company. If a potential client searched “Roofing Company in Toronto” into Google, we make sure your business is the first thing they see at the top of the page meaning more phone calls and emails to your business.